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Immediate Content Marketing Funnel Impact for Pinterest and 50 Cent

In 2023 50 Cent is on Pinterest!  This could do amazing things for the Pinterest platform in relation to their content marketing funnel.  In the recent release of the new Mary J. Blige show on BET entitled The Wine Down with Mary J. Blige.  Rapper Curtis “50 Cent “Jackson, was a guest on the March 8, 2023 episode. 


During this episode Mary asked 50 if he had “any vices” that he would like to tell everybody about? He replied “Look I’m on Pinterest”  He mentioned building a wall and needing some inspiration from the platform. 

This is a pivotal moment not only for Pinterest, but for marketing and content strategists to take a deeper dive into the platform and all it has to offer, but also how people have traditionally viewed Pinterest.

50 Cent is not just a rapper, but a cultural phenomenon. His style, music, and connections to social media have all played a role in his rise to fame and influence on popular culture. From his early days as a rapper to his current status as a media mogul, 50 Cent has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting with his audience.


Social media has played a significant role in his success, and being a savvy businessman that understands the power of monetizing, telling a story, ruffling feathers and staying true to your brand. 

When he arrived on the scene as a rapper, his style was very controversial because he was literally talking Sh#! about other rappers and not apologetic in his approach. To put it into context, he has really branded himself in one aspect similar to the behaviors of a wrestler. Wrestlers are known for their trash talking and making fun of their competitors to amp up the public opinion, or hype around the content. 


What is a Content Marketing Funnel 

A content marketing funnel is a way marketing gurus guide a customer from awareness to conversion. Conversion can look like actually purchasing or engaging with the product, service, or platform for a future purchase. It is based on the idea that a consumer goes through multiple steps before actually buying the product or service. The funnel is ultimately helping to present different types of content at different phases of the journey of the consumer. 

The 4 Stages of Content Marketing Funnels

Awareness (Problem or Need Addressed)

At this stage, marketers aim to create content that captures the consumer’s attention and helps to build brand awareness. This can include blog posts, social media content, videos, and other types of content that are designed to educate and inform the consumer.

Consideration (I am doing my Research and Comparing Who I want to Buy From)

Marketers aim to create content that helps to differentiate their brand from competitors and provide more in-depth information about the product or service. This can include case studies, product reviews, and comparison guides.

Decision making ( Pros and Cons ) 

Marketers aim to create content that helps to build trust and credibility, and reinforces the value proposition of their product or service. This can include customer testimonials, free trials, and demos.

Retention ( Made the Purchase )

Marketers aim to create content that helps to keep the customer engaged and loyal to the brand. This can include email newsletters, loyalty programs, and other types of content that help to reinforce the value of the product or service and build a relationship with the customer.


How the Pinterest Marketing Funnel connects with 50 Cent

  • Awareness stage: The presence of 50 Cent on Pinterest could help to increase awareness of the platform and attract new users who may not have otherwise been aware of it. This could be beneficial because of his large following and industry influences.
  • Consideration stage: If 50 shares content related to his music, films, or other interests, this could help to attract users who are in the consideration stage of the funnel. These users may be more likely to engage with the platform if they see content that aligns with their interests.


Lastly if 50 shares content related to products or brands they partner with, this could help to drive conversions for those products. Users who are already interested in the rapper’s music, film projects or style may be more likely to purchase products that he endorses.

Overall, having a famous rapper on Pinterest could potentially impact all stages of the content marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration to conversion. This is a major way for content strategists to build up their clients portfolio.

Use Pinterest as a tool of engagement. Create graphics that link people straight to your client using certain brands, and tag the brands. The key is to create content that aligns and resonates with their followers in order to drive engagement and ultimately, conversions. Go after what you want!


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