Atlanta, renowned for peaches and the Braves, is now making waves in digital advertising with a groundbreaking creative agency led by the visionary Asmirh Davis. Asmirh, a seasoned entrepreneur, took a bold leap into the unknown, resigning from Huge in January 2021 to embark on a new venture. The prospect was daunting, especially with unfamiliar faces in the mix, but the excitement of reshaping an industry she had been a part of for two decades fueled her journey. Let’s remind ourselves again: not all superheroes wear capes; some just launch dope creative agencies!

Supported by none other than the ubiquitous Shaquille O’Neal, who, as noted, seems to be “literally everywhere.” Shaq’s omnipresence and impact were evident in the industry, influencing the launch of Majority in March 2021. The agency’s success is a testament to the bravery of clients like OshKosh B’gosh, entrusting their 100-year-old brand to an agency just three months old. Clients such as BLK embraced unconventional ideas, even greenlighting the remake of the classic hip hop anthem “Back That Thang Up” and producing a video. The NBA G League’s faith in the agency of four people to claim the title of AOR reflects the transformative power of Majority as it guides brands into a new era.

The Key Takeaway:
Starting a venture, especially a creative agency, can be a nerve-racking, yet thrilling journey. Crafted with a whole lot of gumption, a pinch of innovation and dollops of creativity, this recently launched creative agency seems all set to rise and shine. It is pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes and even making SEO look sexy. The golden nugget? Just follow your passion, stay ahead of the curve, and you might just create the next big thing in the digital space. So buckle up, percolate great ideas, and don’t forget to put your creative hats on!

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