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A Twitter Alternative is on the Way in 2023

According to “Spill is an Operator of a real-time conversation platform intended to offer a blockchain-based loyalty system that will automatically pay users if their content gains traction. The company’s platform offers a space where people can create, comment, amplify or share a random thought with the public, uses the blockchain method to allow users to upload stuff and uses large language model AI to improve content moderation and user support, blockchain technology to credit and reward creators, and partnerships with major entertainment brands to break exclusive content worth talking about, enabling customers to have an alternative platform to Twitter for real-time conversation.”

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Who is behind SPILL?

In an interview with we learned that former Twitter employees, Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown, are the brainchild of the social media platform that will serve as an alternative platform for Twitter. One of the most interesting pieces about this new development is that the Spill App will use Artificial Intelligence to help eliminate the racial disparities that exist on Twitter. Specifically focused on the language and cultural differences between people of color, Spill is aiming to make sure AAVE (African American vernacular English) is not an issue and flagged often due to not understanding the cultural language commonly used within the community.

Why is SPILL important to  black culture and culture in general?

First, Spill provides a much-needed outlet for marginalized voices. In a world where people of color and other marginalized groups are often silenced, Spill gives them the opportunity to be heard and seen. It provides a platform for individuals to share their unique perspectives and experiences, which helps to foster understanding and promote empathy among users.

Spill can foster community and support. By connecting people with similar experiences and backgrounds, Spill allows users to find others who understand and can relate to their struggles. It can be a powerful source of support and encouragement for those who may feel isolated or alone.

As stated by Alphonzo Terrell, co-founder of SPILL.

@devarispbrown and I are anomalies in the startup world — just our existence is radical. We both built ourselves from nothing and take our leadership roles seriously. We know this moment isn’t just about better platforms, it’s about better leadership too.”

How can you learn more about SPILL?

You can go to and request your personalized handle before the masses, and follow the founders Phonz and DeVaris on twitter and LinkedIN.

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