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The tech industry has long been criticized for its lack of diversity, particularly when it comes to people of color. Despite efforts to promote inclusion and diversity, the percentage of people of color working in tech remains low, with many feeling excluded or unwelcome in the industry.

But that’s not the whole story. There are many people of color who are breaking into the tech industry and finding success, often through creative and innovative means. These individuals are not only thriving in tech, but they are also helping to diversify the industry and make it more inclusive for others.

One way that people of color are finding success in tech is through entrepreneurship. Many are starting their own tech companies and creating products and services that cater to diverse audiences. For example, Hayley Sudbury founded Coders of Color, a program that teaches coding and entrepreneurship skills to people of color. Through her efforts, she has helped many people of color launch successful careers in tech.

Another way that people of color are breaking into tech is through networking and community building. On a personal note, this is what I, Shana Digital had to do in order to gain some traction and exposure for my organization, We Create Tech. It is a little mix of the popular Beyonce’ trending audio from the class of 2020 commencement speech, Don’t talk about what you’re gonna do, don’t dream about what you’re gonna do, don’t criticize somebody else for what they’re not doing, you, be it. Be about it. Be about that action and go do it.”

I also learned that creating a stable founding board is very essential in the progress as you promote your organization. We cannot have the same mentality of “I will just get it done by myself.” and expect top tier results.

Many are joining groups and organizations that support diversity in tech, such as Black Girls Code and Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee. These groups provide valuable resources and connections that can help people of color find opportunities in tech.

Furthermore, some people of color are using social media and other online platforms to showcase their skills and expertise. For example, many are using platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to share their knowledge and experiences, and to connect with others in the tech industry. This not only helps them to build their professional network, but it also helps to raise awareness about the contributions of people of color in tech.

Ayodeji Adewunmi,is another example of a success story. He is the co-founder and CTO of Andela. Adewunmi, who has a degree in computer science, co-founded Andela in 2014 with the aim of training and hiring top-quality software developers in Africa. Andela has since trained over 1,000 software developers and placed them with companies such as Microsoft and IBM.

These are just a few examples of the many black men and women who are making a mark in the tech industry. Despite the challenges and barriers they face, they are proving that black talent in tech is not only present, but also capable of achieving great things. Whether through entrepreneurship, networking, or online platforms, these individuals are paving the way for more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

It is important for the tech industry to continue to support and promote diversity and inclusion. This not only benefits individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, but also leads to a more innovative and successful industry as a whole. By supporting initiatives like Black Girls Code, Andela, and We Create Tech, we can help ensure that the tech industry becomes more diverse and inclusive, and that black men and women continue to thrive in this exciting field.

If you are looking for an organization to support in an effort to be apart of the change, check out It is an Atlanta, GA based non-profit, that teaches teens of color how to make music through coding, Video Production basics with a modern vibe, entrepreneurship, marketing, ownership in the music industry, NFT development and deployment.


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Shana Digital writes about entrepreneurship, the digital divide , people of color in tech, creativity, GEN Z, personal development, and more. You may see a quote from your favorite song in some of her articles as she is a true fan of hip hop culture.


  1. People of color have definitely taken our power and authority to create back into possession. The tech and digital industry has taken the the front seat to a number and platforms and will continue to take the world by storm. Having the opportunity to be apart of the digital world is a must-have lifestyle learning that should be offered to all ages as well as diverse communities. “We were created by the Creator to create. So let your fingertips light the world.”-KrystaListens

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